Leading aerospace and defence company gains complete visibility into supplier risks with The Smart Cube

Key highlights
  • Onboarded more than 1,800 suppliers onto the Smart Risk platform for ongoing visibility into risks
  •  Our AI+HI approach provided a holistic view of suppliers’ risks covering financial, operational, legal and ethical, and human and environmental risks
  • The client’s procurement team receives over 100 alerts per week and targeted insights to mitigate risks across the company’s supply chain

An industry reliant on specialist suppliers

Supply chains are prone to disruption in any industry, whether it’s due to socio-political events, raw material shortages, or worldwide challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic. But in the aerospace and defence industry, unique characteristics and conditions come together to create a landscape that’s especially volatile.

It’s an industry defined by a limited number of specialised, dedicated suppliers across the world that provide the critical systems and components that aerospace companies and governments rely on. Long lead times, very high investments, a small supplier base, and the critical nature of products and services procured all…

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