The Smart Cube helps a leading global food and beverage company optimise over $250 million of media spend

Key highlights
  • Provided insight into over $250 million of multi-market cross-category media spend
  • Identified a $3.5 million opportunity to reallocate marketing spend
  • Delivered 15-25% additional ROI through long-term insights into brand equity
  • Scaled up marketing mix support from one to 10 markets covering brands from both the snacks and beverages portfolios

Business challenge

When you’re one of the biggest brands in the world, getting your marketing strategy right is an essential part of ensuring ongoing success. Our client, a global food and beverage giant, has 20+ brands that sell more than a billion products a day in over 200 countries and territories.

Looking to fuel more robust, impactful and data-driven marketing strategies, the client wanted insight into how its marketing mix impacted ROI. The ultimate goal was to make better use of annual budgets and optimise investments in the right marketing channels at the right time.

In 2017, the company reached…

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