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 | Sep 2023

Webinar: Commodity in Focus: Food inflation outlook — Impact of El Niño

The looming threat of El Niño is raising alarms regarding food inflation. El Niño is expected to disrupt global weather patterns and have a significant impact on agricultural production and supply chains, which in turn can drive up food prices.  In this hour-long webinar, our Head of Commodity Intelligence, Hemant Bansal, along with our commodities experts Kumar Amit and Nidhi Jain, discussed the impact of El Niño weather conditions on food inflation, including:

  • What is El Niño and what are its broader economic implications (logistics, energy, food inflation)?
  • Analysis of previous El Niño years, highlighting the extent of similarities or differences with the current scenario
  • Agro commodity demand, supply, and price outlook (grains – wheat and corn, vegetable oils – palm oil and soybean oil, and soft commodities – sugar and cocoa) 
  • Role of additional factors such as the end of the Black Sea grain deal and drought in the US/Europe

Webinar date – Tuesday, 26th September 2023