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 | Jul 2024

Webinar: Indirect Procurement in 2024: Adapting to changing dynamics and maximising value

Indirect Procurement represents a significant portion of expenditure for many companies and managing it successfully can be a challenging task, requiring a keen focus on ongoing trends and potential risks.

Organisations across the globe are facing inflation and labour challenges, while advancements in technology present opportunities to maximise efficiency and drive greater business value.

In this hour-long webinar, our hosts Greg Anderson of WNS Procurement and Graham Crawshaw of CASME, delved into the current landscape of Indirect Procurement, including:

– The impact of rising inflation on contracts and suppliers
– Labour and talent shortages in multiple industries and indirect categories
– The evolving risk management dynamic and how to stay ahead
– Engaging the right stakeholders to leverage support and decision-making power

You can watch the webinar to discover how we create continuous value, optimise indirect spending, and turn ongoing challenges into opportunities.

Webinar Date – Wednesday, 26th June 2024

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