Category Growth

Drive commercial growth for your category with fast, actionable insights that optimise your product portfolio.

Category growth is only getting harder

Category management is at the epicenter of the major trends transforming the global CPG ecosystem. As consumer habits shift, CPG companies must adapt, collaborating with retailers to make assortment and planogram recommendations in order to gain category exposure, across retail stores. For category managers, the big questions are:


  • How can I tackle these market disruptions effectively?
  • How can I stay ahead of my competition?
  • How can I grow my categories further?

Uncover your category growth opportunities

Our comprehensive category growth solution empowers category managers to develop a winning category strategy, that can be successfully executed to deliver growth. We enable category managers to plan and execute growth strategies at a granular level, drawing deeper insights from their data, and responding faster to consumer demands.


Using advanced data analytics and machine learning techniques, we uncover the actions that will maximise the best potential returns. We harness the power of your internal and external data, and with our team of category, functional and technical specialists, we identify how to protect revenue and promote growth for your category

Benefits for your business

Grow and expand

Grow and expand

Understand your risks to mitigate loss and maximise customer reach, with our comprehensive category management insight

Improved decision-making

Improved decision-making

From visualisation frameworks to price elasticity and assortment algorithms, we have the tools to help you make the best decisions for your category

Get maximum ROI

Get maximum ROI

Leverage our analytical capabilities to gain insights that can inform effectiveness and opportunities associated with investment

Case Study: Deploying our Category Growth solution for a global beverage brand

Identifying major growth opportunities for a multinational drinks brand


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