Loss Prevention

Harness the power of data across your retail estate to pre-empt and mitigate shrinkage.

Retail is in flux

Estimates suggest that global shrinkage cost retailers nearly US$100 billion last year but existing methods of tackling shrinkage are outdated; relying on anti-theft tags, security guards and other physical deterrents alone do not tackle the real issue. Against a backdrop of increasingly challenging retail conditions, retailers are seeking better ways to reduce this overhead.


We can help.  


Leverage our end-to-end approach to identify, mitigate and manage your shrinkage risk

Retailers are struggling to establish a single source of truth as key loss data exists in disparate systems across multiple departments. Our end to end technology-led approach establishes effective organisation-wide reporting and enables in-depth actionable analysis to inform future loss prevention strategy.

Benefits for your business

Understand your shrinkage risk

Understand your shrinkage risk

Identify your current losses, understand key drivers of loss behaviour and understand your high-risk areas (e.g. vulnerable store locations, times, categories) to pre-empt future loss

Control losses

Control losses

Get visibility on how to control shrinkage across your store estate, using rules-based controls on vulnerable attributes through an integrated platform that provides actionable intelligence, and effective visualisations

Unlock critical insight

Unlock critical insight

Harness the power of your internal and external data sources, combined with our functional knowledge and proprietary analytics, to unlock the critical insights you need to develop your loss prevention strategy

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