Pricing & Promotions

Maximise your profit opportunities through insights that make promotions work for you and guide your pricing strategy.

Maximise your profitability

25-35% of retail sales are through promotions, but studies reveal promotions fail more than they succeed. The rise of online and discount retailers with everyday low pricing strategies is also changing the promotional landscape. More than ever, retailers need to protect and grow market share whilst maintaining margins, yet existing promotional sales strategies are failing to deliver.  

Retailers gather petabytes of data every hour, through dozens of systems across the product and customer journey but often, their ability to act on it to understand the ROI of their promotional strategy is limited.


We can help.


Let us power your pricing decisions

Our comprehensive Pricing and Promotions solution assesses true promotional ROI, helping you optimise your pricing and promotions activities. We partner with retailers to identify where opportunities exist across the store environment. The key for any pricing and promotion strategy is to create profitable promotional opportunities that are built upon customer trust through fair pricing, while identifying and eliminating loss-making strategies.


Our solution enables you to continuously monitor and evolve your promotional strategy and impact in order to support customer expectations and drive profitability.

Benefits for your business

Increase customer spend

Increase customer spend

Understand how to increase and retain customer spend.

Delight your customers

Delight your customers

Maintain a fair pricing strategy that builds customer trust and loyalty over the long-term.

Only the best promotions

Only the best promotions

Run optimised promotions for your customer and store type to maximise profitability and margins

Case Study: Measuring true ROI from in-store promotions

A leading UK retailer engaged The Smart Cube to assess and improve the overall effectiveness of various in-store promotional initiatives and pricing changes.


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