Credit Research

Overcome the challenges of delivering high performance in a current yield-poor environment with insightful intelligent credit research.

For buy side

In today’s turbulent, hyper-connected and data-driven financial world, a fixed income portfolio manager’s quest to outperform the benchmark is harder than ever.


Our digital delivery platform provides unbiased/independent fixed income and credit research coverage across rating categories, products and regions – from IG, high-yield, distressed debt, sovereign/municipal to developed, developing, and emerging markets.


Powered by the combination of experienced credit analysts and the latest cloud technology, our solution delivers research that can be help you achieve an optimised risk-return relationship for your portfolio investments.


For sell side

Delivering unbiased, specialised credit research at competitive prices is forcing sell side credit research providers to look beyond in-house research teams.


Our experienced credit analysts deliver specialised credit research through an intuitive platform that is transparent, independent, accurate, and cost effective.

Delivered through a flexible interface

GIF showing the credit solution screens

Whether you are a buy-side or sell-side client, our dynamic and bespoke research solutions deliver what you need through easy to integrate digital platforms.  Our customised delivery portals, provide instant access to research and comprehensive analytics including:

  • Credit reviews and investment recommendations
  • Credit & cash flow models
  • Key financial analytics
  • Key risk insights
  • News and sentiment analysis

All this is fully supported by our highly skilled fundamental analysts, quant modellers, and data scientists.

Benefits for your business

Cost effective research

Cost effective research

Uncompromised quality delivered cost-effectively to meet your needs.

Fast instant access

Fast instant access

Get instant access to high-quality standardised reports that deliver on your fundamental research needs.

Capitalise on our expertise

Capitalise on our expertise

Tap into our highly skilled modellers, analytics experts and quantitative analysts who will add value to you and your team, combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Case study : Augmenting quality

A top-tier European brokerage firm wanted to augment the quality and productivity of its research team at optimal cost, and engaged The Smart Cube as its specialist research partner.

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