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Improve your operational efficiency with fast access to the research you need – now. Respond efficiently to the competing pressures faced by the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ side.

On the sell side

Challenged to rationalise the cost of research whilst maintaining competitive coverage, the sell side is now facing a wave of consolidation and a renewed focus on research quality.


Benefit from the combined intellectual might of sector specialist teams and experienced analyst team, all armed with the right tools and techniques to produce high quality and differentiated research for you.


Widen your coverage universe without facing an equivalent cost increase, thanks to our scalable and powerful technology-enabled solution.

On the buy side

Regulation is driving the unbundling of research and greater scrutiny of buy side’s research leading to budgetary restraints on the procurement. Firms are looking to maximise spend and improve efficiencies alongside effectiveness of in-house research teams.


Our digital delivery platform gives you a cost-effective tool to augment your in-house research capacity. Get instant access to high quality standardised reports that delivers on your fundamental research needs – from independent financial and valuation models to in-depth investment commentary to real-time portfolio performance tracking and risk analytics. Available all in one place – reusable, scalable.

Benefits for your business

Cost effective research

Cost effective research

Uncompromised quality delivered cost effectively to meet your needs.

Fast instance access

Fast instance access

Get instant access to high quality standardised reports that serves your fundamental research needs.

Capitalise on our expertise

Capitalise on our expertise

Tap into our highly skilled modellers, analytics experts and quantitative analysts who will add value to you and your team, combined with state-of-the-art technology.

Delivered through a flexible portal

GIF of the equity portal solution

Whether you are on the buy-side or sell-side, our dynamic and bespoke Equity Research solution deliver what you need through easy to integrate digital platforms.  Our customised delivery portal, designed to meet your needs, provide instant access to research and comprehensive analytics such as:


  1. Key financial analytics
  2. News and sentiment analysis
  3. Live financial and valuation models and insights
  4. KPI tracking


All this is fully supported by our highly skilled fundamental analysts, quant modellers, and data scientists.

Case study: Increasing research coverage

Supporting an independent research provider expand stock coverage and drive growth, as well as enabling the client to rapidly scale-up its services in a cost-effective way.

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