Procurement & Supply Chain

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  • Category Intelligence

    Procurement teams are challenged by increasingly volatile supply markets and continued pressure to cut costs. But with huge swathes of unreliable public information and diverse datasets from procurement and finance systems, it is harder than ever to build and optimise effective category strategies, and identify valuable opportunities.

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  • Commodity Intelligence

    Commodity market volatility in pricing, supply and demand has a direct and significant impact on your organisation’s procurement budget, ability to deliver savings and overall profitability. The trouble is, many commodity markets are exactly that – volatile.

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  • Procurement Analytics

    Modern procurement teams are faced with managing fast-evolving demand-supply situations, disruptive trends and a multitude of vendors, however diverse information sources often result in conflicting indicators.

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  • Supplier Risk Intelligence

    For businesses with a large supplier base and complex supply chains, managing risks is a major challenge. A staggering 95% of businesses responding to The Smart Cube’s recent risk survey state they struggle to detect risks well in advance of their occurrence. Not only are they exposed to wide-ranging risks associated with suppliers but also risks relating to the broader supply markets and geographies. As a result, an increasing number of companies are experiencing disruptions due to issues with their tier 1 and sub-tier suppliers.

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