Commodity Volatility Management

Better manage your exposure to commodity price volatility and risk with custom forecasts and predictive analytics

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Our hybrid intelligence and analytics approach, delivered by commodity specialists, enables you to manage commodity price risk, volatility and uncertainty in your procurement processes. With rich insights on commodity supply and demand dynamics, we can help you map their impact on future prices.


At The Smart Cube, we deploy an advanced technology platform with a customisable web interface to bring together your internal data sources and contextualised external intelligence. The result? Accelerated access to critical information and insights on your commodities – and expert support to help you negotiate better deals with key suppliers.  

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Transform the way you think about commodity risk and how to manage spend, with knowledge and insights customised to your specific requirements, delivered straight to your desktop. A truly bespoke solution that provides your entire procurement organisation with access to intelligence, including:

  1. Customised commodity forecasts – based on both fundamental and statistical analysis
  2. Market alerts and intelligence
  3. Support during supplier negotiations and contract reviews
  4. Portfolio and category-level inflation models – analysing your spend profile and calculating price inflation for underlying categories commodities and cost drivers

Benefits for your business

Complete visibility

Complete visibility

A comprehensive view of your key commodity cost drivers and supply and demand scenarios, accessible by your entire procurement organisation via a web-based analytics and intelligence platform

Robust budgeting

Robust budgeting

Leverage data-driven insights and predictive price forecasts for more informed budget planning, buying decisions and hedging strategies, and market and macro-economic alerts to identify key negotiation levers

Commodity risk management

Commodity risk management

Combine your internal data sources with contextualised external intelligence to enable proactive, evidence-based strategies to manage and mitigate commodity price risks 

Why consider our Commodity Volatility Management solution?

“For a purpose-built commodity price analytics solution delivered in tandem with an expert managed service layer, The Smart Cube’s Commodity Volatility Management offering provides a convincing solution.”

Spend Matters Analyst Report

Why consider our Commodity Volatility Management solution?

Case study: Supporting a leading global steel manufacturer to address volatile commodity prices

Supporting a leading global steel manufacturer to manage commodity price volatility, generating savings of £4m (10% of spend) across key suppliers

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