Supplier Engagement

Drive innovation and collaboration across your critical suppliers, and better manage performance and risk, with a 360⁰ view of your strategic relationships

Driving strategic priorities can be overwhelming

Strategic procurement organisations want deeper relationships with critical suppliers, as they seek innovation and collaboration opportunities. 

The strongest relationships are built on transparency of information: on a shared, mutually agreed 360⁰ view, encompassing performance, risk, innovation, collaboration opportunities and relationship satisfaction levels.

But in many procurement organisations that information is either fragmented, biased towards one of the parties, or missing altogether.  

While Supplier Relationship Management systems work well to track performance, they’re often used as a stick to beat suppliers with and lack flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each strategic relationship.

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Why consider our Supplier Engagement solution?

Roger Maybury, Former-Head of Supplier Relationship Management

Why consider our Supplier Engagement solution?

Move the dial from supplier management to supplier engagement

At The Smart Cube, our Supplier Engagement solution is designed to address the growing need for procurement to have a holistic view of critical supplier relationships. Leveraging a fusion of talent, analytics and technology, we provide a single source of truth, and the insights required to deepen strategic buyer-supplier relationships and drive productive conversations. 

Unlike SRM software, our solution is bespoke, built around your unique supplier relationship needs.  Our solution collates internal and external data points, visualised through web dashboards, to enable information sharing with suppliers and internal stakeholders. 

Typical dashboards cover:

  • Relationship SWOT
  • Engagement overview, capturing agreed KPIs
  • Supplier performance against SLAs
  • Sentiment and satisfaction of each party towards the other
  • Strategic developments at a supplier and market level (financial results, patents filed, contracts won, etc.)
  • Risk profile of the relationship
  • Innovation and collaboration opportunities
  • Progress of current joint initiatives

Benefits for your business

Single source of truth

Single source of truth

Access the bigger picture. We combine internal data, information gathered from suppliers and external market intelligence, to create a comprehensive 360⁰ view of strategic supplier relationships, and a mutually beneficial single source of truth for all parties.

Maximised supplier value

Maximised supplier value

Get more from your strategic supplier relationships. Leverage data and insights to identify opportunities for collaboration, innovation and performance improvement, to enhance value for your business. 

Confident engagement

Confident engagement

Become a better business partner. Armed with strategic insights around key opportunities and risks, you can engage confidently with suppliers and internal stakeholders, and enhance procurement’s role as an invaluable business partner.

Case study: Smart DCC driving improvement and innovation from its strategic suppliers

Supporting Smart DCC to maximise value, improve performance, drive innovation and manage risks across its strategic supply base


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