Supplier Engagement

Measure, analyse and proactively manage the performance of your strategic and critical suppliers. Drive continuous improvement and innovation in your supplier relationship management.

Leverage supplier performance

Supplier performance directly affects the quality of the whole supply chain. It’s essential to have efficient mechanisms to enhance it, however data on supplier performance is often stored in disparate systems creating a disconnected view of overall performance against service level agreements. Often there is a lack of visibility of combined internal and external data. Better supplier relationship management needs deep visibility of the suppliers in your supply chain to prevent interruptions and reduce risk exposure.


Driving innovation requires an intimate partnership with your suppliers, which involves a proactive view of their business and their performance, working beyond simple metrics and management.


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Benefits for your business

Holistic view

Holistic view

Access the bigger picture. We give you an integrated view of the risk and performance of your supplier base and supply chain, including supplier financial performance and strategy, operational metrics and compliance risks.

Better supplier relationships

Better supplier relationships

Drive better value from your relationships. With better visibility of their contribution to your business, performance against metrics and a view of the external forces in their sector, our solution helps you see more.

Proactive future planning

Proactive future planning

Get more than current assessments. We give you a future view based on historical trends, enabling you to plan ahead.

Case study: Smart DCC driving improvement and innovation from its strategic suppliers

Responsible for the national roll out of smart meters in the UK Smart DCC wanted a robust solution to provide effective supplier management and reporting


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