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 | May 2022

Webinar: Commodity in focus – Metals price outlook 2022

Our “Commodity in focus” webinar series is designed to help procurement professionals understand how to manage volatility across key commodities through monitoring current and future trends, and leveraging state of the art forecasting techniques.

In this edition, our experts presented our Metals Price Outlook 2022 with a focus on Steel Inflation Management.

The webinar was hosted by Sidharth Kalia with our Metals experts Anuj Madaan and Kanica Goel presenting their insights.

Date of recording: 23rd February, 2022

Co-authored by: Anuj Madaan and Kanica Goel
  • Anuj Madaan
    With more than 9 years of experience with The Smart Cube, Anuj’s domain knowledge is in the fields of base metals, ferro-alloys and chemicals (olefins and aromatics). He forecasts the prices of different commodities from this bucket and has an in-depth understanding of the supply–demand factors. With a Master’s degree in Business Administration, he is an in-house expert for the Commodity Intelligence solution across sectors – including CPG, Industrials and Life Sciences. Outside work, he spends his weekends with family and watching web series.
  • Kanica Goel

    Kanica works as a Senior Forecasting Analyst in the Commodity Intelligence team at The Smart Cube, responsible for tracking and forecasting the market movements for various commodities in the metals and petro-chemicals basket with expertise in the global steel market. Kanica has a master’s degree in Economics and likes to travel, paint and bake.