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Current Roles At the smart cube

Senior Data Scientist

Noida - India

Role and responsibilities

  • Senior Data Scientist is expected to have deep knowledge and skills in Analytics / Statistics / Big Data domain, and be responsible for the solution designing for all new and existing engagements
  • Design the solution for all advanced analytics (including Big Data) projects – what technique to use, what tool/technology to use etc
  • Assist delivery team in developing models and algorithms and interpreting the output
  • Discuss various opportunities with existing and potential clients at a technical level
  • Lead the effort on developing new capabilities/offerings/solutions
  • Deliver trainings to up-skill specific cohorts of analysts/leads
  • Attend and present at various industry forums/conferences
  • Write technical white papers / blogs on a periodic basis

Desired Skills & Experience Skills

  • Relevant experience of 2+ years in advanced analytical modelling and optimisation across multiple industries
  • Proven knowledge of Statistical Modelling, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Text Analytics
  • Business domain and solutions knowledge of multiple industries, especially Retail/CPG, Pharmaceutical/Healthcare
  • Knowledge of Big Data Technologies – Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Spark, Sqoop, Flume, Hbase, Oozie etc
  • Expertise in Python and R.
  • Good understanding and proven solutioning capabilities of using advanced analytics with Statistics (model output), R/Python script etc. in an automated deployment environment (on-premise or Cloud) and/or as a product offering
  • Good knowledge of various data visualisation tools
  • Excellent communication and client engagement skills


  • Bachelor’s/ Master’s Degree in Computer Science / Mathematical Computing / Statistics / Operations Research
  • At least 2 years experience in R and Python


  • PhD in Computer Science / Mathematical Computing / Statistics / Operations Research
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Senior Analyst - Analytics (Retail)

Noida - India

Roles and responsibilities

A senior analyst plays a very critical role in delivering analytical projects successfully and aiding strategic decision making for Fortune 500 / FTSE 100 companies, and other services organisations across retail, CPG, Life Sciences, and Industrial domain.

They are expected to work independently on their analysis, and try and bring the innovation and creativeness in their analytical solutions. Specifically, senior analysts should –

  • Understand the client objectives, and work with the Project Lead to design the analytical solution/framework. Be able to translate the client objectives/analytical plan into clear deliverables with associated priorities and constraints
  • Organise/prepare and manage data and conduct quality checks to ensure that the analysis dataset is ready
  • Explore and implement various statistical and analytical techniques (including machine learning) like linear/non-linear regression, decision trees, segmentation, time series forecasting as well as machine learning algorithms like Random Forest, SVM, ANN, etc.
  • Conduct sanity checks of the analysis output based on reasoning and common sense, and be able to do a rigorous self QC, as well as of the work assigned to junior analysts to ensure an error free output
  • Interpret the output in context of the client’s business and industry to identify trends and actionable insights
  • Be able to succinctly visualise the findings through a PPT, a BI dashboard (Tableau, Qlikview, etc.) and highlight the key takeaways from a business perspective
  • Be able to take client calls relatively independently, and interact with onsite leads (if applicable) on a daily basis
  • Discuss queries/certain sections of deliverable report over client calls or video conferences

Most Important Requirements:

  • Superior problem solving abilities and strong analytical thinking
  • Desire to work in a fast paced, challenging environment where you need to push yourself all the time
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Solution orientation and self-drive

Ideal Candidate

  • 2-6 years of relevant advanced analytics experience in Marketing, CRM, Pricing in either Retail, or CPG industries. Other B2C domains can be considered
  • Experience in managing, cleaning and analyzing large datasets using tools like Python, R or SAS
  • Experience in using multiple advanced analytics techniques or machine learning algorithms
  • Experience in handling client calls and working independently with clients
  • Understanding of consumer businesses such as Retail, CPG or Telecom
  • Knowledge of working across multiple data types and files like flat files, RDBMS files; multiple data platforms (SQL Server, Teradata, Hadoop, Spark); on premise or on the cloud
  • Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques like Decision trees, different types of regressions, clustering, Forecasting (ARIMA/X), ML, etc.

Other Skills

  • Excellent communication skills (both written and oral)
  • Ability to create client ready deliverables in Excel and PowerPoint
  • Optimiwation techniques (linear, non-linear), and knowledge of supply chain
  • VBA, Excel Macro programming, Tableau, Qlikview


  • Engineers from top tier institutes (IITs, DCE/NSIT, NITs) or Post Graduates in Maths/Statistics/OR from top Tier Colleges/Universities
  • MBA from top tier B-schools
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